Time as Human Matter: A Temple on the Mediterranean 

It has the warm feel of a dream-house by the beach, and inspires a happy sense of elevation as the temple it was designed to be. A new museum in Heri, North Lebanon, celebrates Nabu, the Mesopotamian patron-god of literacy. Designed by Mahmoud al-Obaidi and Dia Azzawi, the architecture is a rust-colour cube of steel…

Of blood and bureaucracy: Consequences of the arbitrary.

The point of this space is to make sense of identities as they materialise at different nodes of processes that mark their existence; and it’s only appropriate to start by making pixels bleed out of their white cube. I met with curator and artist Izdihar Afyouni to ask her about playing God with people’s bodies, as she re-imagined what an art exhibition could be, turning visitors into subjects of a curated experience of corporeality, rather than its audience. In a conscious effort to minimise interpretation and preserve intended meaning in its context, the conversation is here in the form of an annotated video.