I’ve always been a bit annoyed at the public’s obsession over whether Lil Miquela is a fictional or real character, just because she isn’t the exact replica of an organic self. I personally don’t think the digital world owes the organic world any accountability, and mostly I miss the days when the Internet was a place to let the imagination take over.

Anyway I digress. #RobotProblem, Lil Miquela’s directorial debut for the Giphy Film Festival is a lovely little film, that is also very relevant to many questions of our time:

In an age when robot are thought of as tools for automate-able actions.

While bionic technology can make a cyborg out of any human.

Yet humans are obsessed with bots taking over social media conversations.

And random interactions are sometimes interrupted by the need to prove one is not a robot.

Sometimes a little help, to tell a little lie, is ok.

And robots also need our help, it can’t always be the other way around 🙂


#RobotProblems was first shared on Instagram on November 14, 2018


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